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About Us, is a company of the Mar Menor area, with a multidisciplinary team that brings together more than 30,000 hours of R & D in new technologies and Internet technologies

The strength of our project Mar Menor Area Plan (expanding this February 2012), is the creation of new niches of work under a project different from what seen so far. Jobs turn to the younger population and unemployment. Jobs so far unpublished. . Already proven its viability and feasibility soteniblidad real.

The result of the creation of these new models of sustainable employment, is in our opinion, the only possible response to the crisis and front. With effective results, viable, rapid development. Generators of thousands of sustainable jobs in the short, medium and long term.

This requires that companies make profits, reinvest in job creation. In our case, it is almost exclusively. We thrive to create a new employment model affordable to society, more or less preparation and training.

Initially directed against youth unemployment., But also for the rest of society in general.