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Distinguished service


The service is provided by MarMenorGuide.Com is create and insert a web page (landing page) where you can advertise your home.


It is much more than advertising on the Internet

If you do not get the goals, we will refund integrity. Guaranteed.

More than 500 companies in Cartagena and Mar Menor area, have hired one of our packs in the past 12 months.

It shows your photos, rental conditions and contact details. That is, each client has its own website, with information and data that each client brings

We take care of implementation, effectiveness, visits of users interested in the Mar Menor area

Positioning, broadcast on social networking, advertising on google adwords, links in the network appropriate portals our portal network and maintaining it.

Your page will be viewed by people with an interest in buying or renting in the area of ​​Cartagena.

Aseoramiento staff via telephone and email, social networks ... Internet in general

Importate as you will receive an email each time you modify your page, we post on social networks, we promote your site with advertising.

We show you what we do, why they do and the results obtained. We want you to take maximum profit to the Internet. It's something nobody else does ... for the time being

The contract will be valid for one year, after which may be renewed for the same period as parties, by mutual agreement, and conditions that govern today. Otherwise, proceed to the termination of the contract.

The general features of the Service are as follows:

Web site of the home features announced. Generic ads will not be accepted, ie, each ad refers to a single property and the page must clearly state where the property (province, population, urbanization, etc.), number of bedrooms, capacity, etc.. Not allowed to change a property by another, unless you pay the charge again.

Maximum of 20 pictures and at least twelve

Table of prices and the availability of free calendar updates 4 times a year

Changes in the text and / or published photographs of the house when necessary.

The price per page (a house for up to five rooms per page) is € 50.00 per year with all included at no additional cost, including the specified characteristics. This payment will be made before inserting the ad.

If you are an estate agent, broker or owner of several houses and public announcements minimum number (three), we will make a special budget, and if you need any additional services you cram a campaign performance related. If not satisfied, you do not pay.

Be provided special budgets for the following services:

Link to personal website:

If you have your own website with the same housing or other housing announced in MarMenorGuide.Com, we can include a link to it, provided they do not include advertising or links to other sites, whatever, unless a separate budget .