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Explore the shops and modeling in the area of ​​Mar Menor.

By model is meant, in general, art is the creation of prototypes, using various manuals, that the function of acting as a "model" for industrial production. Typically, these models have been used for a mold. The figure of the craftsman modeler is disappearing, replaced by machines

Modeling as a hobby can be divided into:

Dynamic: models that move and direct remote control as aircraft and vehicles. Here fans looking for maneuver in the more developed business model and achieve maximum control of the device.

Static models in great detail, whose purpose is to see no movement. For the amateur or professional modeling each model represents a "museum piece", creating their own private collections which may have different themes: historical militarism, civil engineering, science fiction, and so on. Here the fans who seek to represent more realistic level possible to the original model. By the latter is wrong to regard as toys for static models