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Cycling. Clubs, events, and their concentrations in Mar Menor area. Early in MarMenorGuide.Com

In Cartagena, the sport cycling is rooted in the city's sports culture. It has several important concentration over 2000 participants com

Cycling dates from 1890.

Between 1890 and 1900 were born great trials, which in recent years have become classics, some still exist today as the Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

It is part of the Olympic program since the first modern edition of the games in Athens in 1896cuando kept track events only.

Until the 1984 Games in Los Angeles was only male participation. Women began to participate in road events in the Olympics and track events at the Seoul Games in 1988.

In the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games was first introduced professional cyclists and mountain bike elmétodo country skiing or cycling.

Urban cycling is not necessarily a sport, but also promotes health practitioner.

Is the use of the bicycle as urban transport, whether for work, shopping, to make arrangements or leisure, both short and medium distances traveled in and around urban areas.

His followers are, along with cyclists, those who live the bicycle as transportation in Cartagena and Mar Menor area

Cities with excellent cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands is Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Denmark. Spain in this respect is in pretty delayed, but is gradually improving.