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The sea-related sports and nature area located on the Mar Menor the ideal place to practice on weekends.

Candle schools cirucundan lower sea, can boast of making water sports taught tens of thousands of people over the past 35 years.

Also new methods now practiced as kite south, which have an enthusiastic response from sailing schools and smaller sea area.

A two and half miles from Cabo de Palos Ants Islands are located. One of the areas most apreciads by divers since it has been declared a Marine Reserve Comprehensive

You can recreate your vision and your five senses, seeing coral, red algae, crustaceans, sponges, milk, shellfish and many other species and what might be branded as authentic underwater cemetery, with several sunken ships in the area such as the Sirius, the Nord America or the Minerva.

The Paddle is fashionable. Cartagena and Mar Menor. There are many campus facilities and private club for the sport with more and more fans

Tennis yet timeless.

Blades play on the beach with family or friends all year ... priceless.

We will inform all of the sport of Cartagena and the Mar Menor area

We will not stop in the pipeline to other sports such as basketball, handball, football, athletics, martial arts, cross ...

We will find, select, create, segmenting News Tue relevant sport and mar menor cartagena.