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The cuisine of the region of Murcia is as good as you can imagine. Enjoy weekend get-away cuisine.

Priced to sell

In our gastronomic tour, we highlight the restaurant "cruet" in La Union.

The deal is quite exquisite. Best let the maitre recoment and owner.

In the choice of wine, offers an innovative system. We recommend a wine for a good match with what you've eaten. If you do not like, I switch to another or another ...

He explains that for a sense for its customers who do not drink a wine that can be found in another restaurant or supermarket. Exclusively conveys a sense of the client.

The desserts are equally up to the restaurant and the maitre choice.

Some might think it's an expensive restaurant, the deserved reputation it has. However, a good dinner with wine, liquor and desserts including 35 euros 2 people.